Burger Party 1.0!

It’s release time!

Burger Party 1.0 is finally out and available on Google Play! I spent a lot of time working on this game, and I think it has now reached the point where I can publish it without being too much ashamed about it :) At the time I am writing this, the final version has been uploaded to Google Play and I am impatiently waiting for it to go live. This F5 key is going to wear out really quick if it does not get there soon…

Since this is a real public release, Burger Party comes with a real launch trailer:

It also comes with a nice and sweet Google Play button…

Get it on Google Play

What’s next? Promotion! I am going to put my marketing cap on and start annoying… Err, I mean asking game-related sites for (preferably nice) reviews of the game.

You can help with promotion too! If you like the game, rate it or write a nice review on Google Play, talk about it to your friends, family members, colleagues, post man, grocery clerk, whoever you think would enjoy some good burger fun. Of course, sharing this page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+… wherever you hang out, is a great idea as well!

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoy playing Burger Party as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Burger Party 1.0rc2!

Shortly after 1.0rc1, here is Burger Party 1.0rc2. This version comes with the following changes:

  • Fixed the annoying intermittent “can’t add any item after an error” bug

  • Adjusted proportions of character in “new world” cut scenes, they look more SD now

  • Adjusted colors of pickles

  • Added new sounds for soda and sundae, reassigned existing sounds to other ingredients

As you can see the list is quite short, which is a good thing: if everything goes well this version might be the one which goes public!

Get it now!

Burger Party 1.0rc1, We Are Getting There!

This new release of Burger Party is special: as you guessed from the title of this article, its version number is not 0.17 but 1.0rc1.

RC1. Release Candidate 1. About time.

Yes, this means unless something goes wrong with this version, I plan to bump the version number to 1.0 and finally release the first public version of Burger Party on Google Play.

So, what’s in the box? Quite a few changes:

  • Three new ingredients have been added: bacon and two sundaes (chocolate and strawberry). To accommodate those new ingredients, new levels have been added: worlds now come with 15 levels.

  • The appearance of many ingredients have been reworked:
    • Cucumbers got turned into pickles
    • Cheese color is less saturated and its shadows have been improved
    • Salad has been redrawn
    • Meat is a bit tighter
    • The bottom bun is less round, making it look nicer when used as a middle bun
  • More sound effects:
    • All images of the “New World” animation have sound effects

    • There is now a sound effect when one gets a “Perfect” and a short jingle for the “New Item Unlocked” screen

    • The “Game Over” jingle has been redone

  • There is now a tutorial when playing level 1.1

New Ingredients

Burger Party 1.0rc1 also packs some minor changes:

  • A reworked loading image: it now uses flat shading and is smoothly scaled on bigger screens

  • The “New Item” animation on the level list has been improved

  • Big fries appear earlier (level 2-6 instead of 3-6)

  • The game is a little bit easier

  • The number of burgers required for the “Apprentice”, “King” and “God” achievements have been doubled

  • There is now an indicator which appears over the “Achievements” button when a new achievement has been unlocked

  • The layout of the “Pause”, “Level Finished” and “Game Over” overlays has been reworked. In particular, the “Pause” and “Level Finished” overlays now provides an “Achievements” button

Since this is a release candidate, your feedback is more important than ever, get the latest version, give it a good try and hopefully 1.0 should be there soon!

Burger Party 0.16!

Finally, a new release! This one comes packed with some substantial changes:

The game difficulty has been adjusted: levels are shorter and a bit harder, making the game more challenging. One now gains back up to 4 seconds of extra time when customers are satisfied.

Time Bonus

As you can see from the screenshot above, the background for the pirate world, which I was working on, has been integrated.

Burgers are now more “realistic”: all stages now have at least one meat or fish ingredient, two sauces cannot be stacked on each other.

The Japan world now has a boss:

Japan Boss

The “new world” sequences are a bit longer: they show the heroine leaving the current world and boarding a plane to the next world. The maps have also been improved.

Hope you like this version, I am especially interested in your feedback regarding the change on difficulty. Does it make the game more challenging? Is it too hard? Still too easy? Let me know.

Get the latest version.

Back to Work

I have been very busy last months, hence the lack of updates :/ This week however, work on Burger Party has finally resumed. I am currently drawing the boss for the Japan world. It’s not done yet, but I am happy with how it is evolving so far. Here is a sneak preview:

Japan Boss preview

Hope you like it!

Updated Background for Pirate World

Spent some time this week improving the background for the Pirate world. I am quite pleased with it. Hope you like it!

Background for Pirate World

Work In Progress: Pirate World Background

Hi, I have been working on refreshing the background of the pirate world lately. After a few iterations, I settled on adding a gallion in the background. It’s not finished yet, but it already gives the scene a different feeling, Aaahhrr!

Refreshed pirate world background

Need to add some highlights and shadows, refine some details and it should be good to go.

Burger Party video

I put together a short video presenting Burger Party. I still need to improve my video editing skills, but I am reasonably happy with this first attempt.

Burger Party 0.15, small tweaks here and there

Another new version of Burger Party. Version 0.15 brings a few small tweaks, nothing major. Here is what’s new:

  • Reworked how ads are shown: they now appear between levels, never before the first level of the session and no more than once every 5 minutes.
  • When two achievements are unlocked at the same time, their notifications do not overlap themselves anymore.
  • Make sure the content of the customer bubble always fit in the screen.
  • Translated texts of achievements added in 0.14 to French.
  • Use linear filtering to shrink images on devices with low resolution screen.

The main reason for releasing this new version is to gather feedback on the way ads are now shown. In version 0.14 an ad could show before you started playing the first level, and that felt annoying to me: I think you should at least get to play one level before an ad appears. I hope this new approach is less annoying.

As usual, members of the “Burger Party Testers” Google+ community or Google Group should automatically get updated to this new version from Google Play within a few hours. The game page also lets you download it manually if you prefer.

Burger Party 0.14

Here is Burger Party 0.14. No ground-breaking changes in this new version, except for the fact worlds now contain 12 levels again. I made this change because I want to add more items, but I don’t want every level to unlock a new item: one should not spoil players :).

12 levels again

Special note for testers: the addition of new levels means you are likely to end up with a weird situation in your level list: if you already finished world 1, level 2-1 is unlocked, but the new levels (1-10, 1-11, 1-12) are still considered new so level 1-10 will be available but with zero stars, and levels 1-11 and 1-12 will be locked. Just finish the new levels and your level list will look normal again. That cannot happen for new players, it is part of the joys of being a tester…

Other than that, version 0.14 comes with the following changes:

  • 3 new achievements:
    • Creative: create 10 different burgers in sandbox mode.
    • Fan: play 40 levels.
    • Burger Apprentice: create 25 burgers.
  • Fixed a bug which made it possible to skip a level by pressing the “next level” button twice.
  • Fixed text overflowing out of screen in the “new item screen” when playing in French.
  • Reworked Japan world to add more variety in customers.
  • Reworked the background of achievement notifications.

That’s it for this new version, hope you like it.