Burger Party

Burger Party is an addictive burger game for Android.

You just opened a burger restaurant, let's see if you can put together burgers fast enough to satisfy your ever growing number of customers! As you progress through the levels, unlock new items and visit new places!

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  • Select world, or create your own burgers
  • US World
  • Pirates like coconut juice!
  • Japanese ladies prefer rice-based toasts...
  • Some customers may order big burgers!
  • Unlock new items!
  • Create your own burgers!
  • Burger Party also comes with achievements. Unlock them all!

Becoming a Tester

Want to help out by kicking the tires of upcoming versions? Become a tester!

To do so, you can join the Burger Party Testers Google+ community, or if you do not have a Google+ account, the Burger Party Testers Google Group.

Once you have joined this community, click on play.google.com/apps/testing/com.agateau.burgerparty. The latest test version (if there is any at the time you join) should then automatically install itself on your devices.

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