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Green Yeti Lab is an independent game studio, based in La Chapelle Rablais, France. It has been founded in 2013 by Aurélien Gâteau. We aim at creating fun and challenging games.


Burger Party

Burger Party was started as an exercise to get into mobile game development. A combination of ambitious goals and limited free time caused its development to take quite longer than expected, but it was eventually released on Google Play on September 26, 2014.


Burger Party launch trailer:


  • Select world, or create your own burgers
  • US World
  • Pirates like coconut juice!
  • Japanese ladies prefer rice-based toasts...
  • Some customers may order big burgers!
  • Unlock new items!
  • Create your own burgers!
  • Burger Party also comes with achievements. Unlock them all!

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Burger Party Green Yeti Lab